14 November 2008

The EZ IELTS Program

Are you looking for an IELTS review program that would increase your chances of getting a high band score? Rachell Allen, the premiere nursing review program, is proud to announce the newest addition to its list of quality review programs, the EZ IELTS Program. The EZ IELTS Program is an unlimited review program especially designed for people who need to take the Academic and General Training Module Test. 

With the EZ IELTS Program, we can make the IELTS easy for you. We use a dynamic, interactive and out-of-the-box approach to learning. We make learning fun for you. 

Pass the IELTS the Rachell Allen way! We give you the tools so you won’t have to study for a long period of time. We teach you how to reduce your test anxiety and manage your time better. With our proven test-taking strategies, we believe that every individual can excel in the IELTS.

NOTE: The EZ IELTS Review Program includes comprehensive review with guidebook, live intensive review, integrated final coaching with test taking strategies, unlimited practice tests, assessment and one-on-one coaching for speaking.

For reservations please call us at 5832104/5273168.

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