11 February 2009

5 Tips before and after the release of November 2008 NLE Results

Things to do before and after the release of the November 2008 NLE Results

1) Relax for a few days - Watch movies, play video games, read an interesting book, go out of town, visit your friends and relatives. Do these things because after the release of the board exam results, you will have a lot of things to do.

2) Prepare all the documents needed for your employment - with thousands of graduates and board passers, it's always an edge to be early. To find out more on the documents needed for your employment, I made a list here: Documents for Employment.

3) Plan your goals in life - If you plan to go to US, Canada, Japan, Singapore or UK then read more about the requirements and qualifications they need. If you will sign a contract under an agency always read the contract and ask for clarifications if there are any. Don't be too eager to sign a contract. Always plan and have a foresight on the problems that you may encounter. If you plan to stay here in the Philippines, engage yourself in other activities that would improve your career as a nurse. You can enroll in a masteral degree, you can train to be a good reviewer or teacher, you can even sign up as a volunteer nurse in rural areas, it's your choice.  

4) Read and Study your Nursing Subjects - Yes, you still need to study your past subjects. Even if you already have your license, it is important to brush up on your knowledge and skills if possible. You'll be surprised with your learning capacity, now you will be able to comprehend those ambiguous words and topics that you encountered during college.

5) If you pass the November 2008 NLE exam take note of the registration period, your oath taking date and inquire on the dates as to when you can procure your board certificates, board rating etc. 
Those who will register are required to bring the following: duly accomplished Oath Form or Panunumpa ng Propesyonal, current Community Tax Certificate (cedula), 2 pieces passport size picture (colored with white background and complete nametag), 1 piece 1” x 1” picture (colored with white background and complete nametag), 2 sets of metered documentary stamps, and 1 short brown envelope with name and profession; and to pay the Initial Registration Fee of P600 and Annual Registration Fee of P450. Successful examinees should personally register and sign in the Roster of Registered Professionals. - SOURCE:
Be ready to prepare the requirements above and don't forget to save some money for your oath taking and Philippine Nurses association (PNA) membership. If you fail, it's not the end of the world just study harder, pray and try again.

Good luck with the November 2008 NLE Exams and don't forget to thank God for all His blessings. 

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