07 March 2009

Free Nursing EBooks, Resources, Materials and Notes

Have you ever wondered how much information you can access using the internet? I will show you a simple tip on how to find FREE resources on the net.

In the world wide web, you can find a lot of websites that hosts files for free, these files are uploaded by people in order for them to store, share or send their files. All we have to do is to find these files and to narrow down our search into what we specifically need.

Let's start, first we are going to identify the free websites that hosts files then we are going look for the address/location where they store their files. After knowing the location, all we have to do is to copy paste this on the Google or Yahoo search box together with our keyword. Remember to enclose both the address or storage location and the keyword/s in a quotation mark.

List of commonly used free sites: aka
more . . .

Location of their uploaded files:
more . . . 

Location of user's files:
more . . .

For example:
1) To search for IELTS materials or resources enter this on the google or yahoo search box

"" "IELTS"

2) or you could try searching in the users files

"" "IELTS"

Recommended keywords:
nursing ebooks
nursing review
medical surgical
fa davis notes
and many more! just be creative

This tip may keep you busy for a while, good luck with your hunt for free stuff and don't forget to post a comment if you find something new.

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  1. galing mo naman! tagal ko na sa web ngayon ko lang nalaman to. simple but effective! cheers!


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