16 March 2009

H1B Visa Status Update - Who is Going to Get H1B Visas This Year & Who Will Miss Out!

As the infamous H1B Visa filing date approaches on April 1, hundreds of thousands of hopeful applicants are wishing, praying, channeling, hoping or whatever they turn to in a time of need that their number will be called. On top of this hundreds of thousand, millions of people are frantically applying to every opening they can find and attending interviews, all in the hope that any company will agree to hire them.

This is the epic journey of the skilled legal immigrant in contrast to the desperate tale of the equally frantic illegal immigrant arriving on dangerous boats, crawling under fences, hiding in vehicles all for their chance and dreams to come true. Well this year it will prove to be even more difficult for the highly educated, skilled and hard working immigrant as they are now competing with upwards of 4 million and counting American who now find themselves out of work since the last H1B visa lottery ballot was run.

This is probably the first time since the H1B visa was introduced some 20 odd years ago that such a happening has eventuated and it has meant many companies are reluctant to hire immigrants for reasons that go well beyond their budgets. Almost running to the same predictable script, both the media and politicians in an attempt to deflect blame from where it truly lies have launched into a vicious vendetta against immigration and the skilled immigrant.

Google, eBay, Intel and PayPal all owe their foundation and drive to success to immigrant founders who have intern hired further immigrants to grow these companies to Global powerhouses and all respective indutry leaders in their fields. These companies are iconic and what many Republicans and Democrats point to as the uniqueness and brilliance of the USA way.

Hundreds of Thousands of Americans owe their jobs and fantastic salaries to this immigrant innovation, not to mention the millions in related industries that have been spawned as a result. Today because of the abuses of a small minority of companies, mainly due to the lack of oversight by media and politicians eager to receive large donations and investments from these same said companies, all H1B hiring is seeming like a dirty business.

Companies like Microsoft, a top 10 company of H1B hires, who via their founder Bill Gates have been strong advocates of the program have been forced to defend past hiring practices as well as almost for Public Relations alone tone down their rhetoric as far as hiring of foreigners on H1B visas are concerned. One can only speculate internally what this is having on their hiring policies for the near future.

The answer as to who is going to get H1Bs in 2009 for FY2010 beginning on October 1 is;

1. Those who are unwavering in their desire to get to the US regardless of perceived obstacle 
2. Those that go beyond the Top 10, Top 100 and even Top 1000 companies that sponsor H1B visas. There are about 25,000 sponsors of work visas last year and many more this year for those willing to look. 
3. Those that are able to present their skill set in a unique way for a company that demands that they be hired so their Resume does not look like the 100s already on the table 
4. Those that focus their energies on a micro sector and research and apply to every organization in that field so by the end of applying there are an expert on the market sector 
5. Those that apply to industries that receive heavy funding from the stimulus bill like Health, Green Technology, Alternative Energy, etc. 
6. Finally those that do NOT succumb to easy answers and Internet SCAMs for promises of easy H1B Visas and Green Cards

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  2. malapit na H1-B Visa Lottery, Pray for me and all the nurses applying for H1B Visa this April 2009.

  3. hi guys, any news about April 2009 lottery?


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