06 September 2010



Step 1.
Accomplish the Oath Form. Download here: Oath Form

Step 2.
Pay for two sets of metered documentary stamps (one stamped on this form and one for the Registration Certificate) at the Customer Service Center.

Step 3.
Present duly accomplished oath form (where your profession belongs, for verification of records and assessment at Window 14, Window 19,Window 28 or at PRC Service Center, Ever-Recto

Step 4. 
Pay prescribed fees at the Cashier.

Step 5.
Sign in the Registry Book and receive your claim slip at: Window 17, Window 20, Window 27

Step 6. 
Claim your professional ID as scheduled. Please refer to your claim slip for further instructions.


  • Duly accomplished Oath Form or Panunumpa ng Propesyonal
  • Current Community Tax Certificate (cedula)
  • Two pcs. passport size pictures with name tag (for Oath Form and Certificate of Registration) 
  • One pc. 1”x1” picture in plain background with complete name tag (for Registry of Professionals)
  • Two sets of metered documentary stamps (for Oath Form and Certificate of Registration)
  • One (1) short brown envelope with name and profession
New registrants should come personally to the PRC Central Office or to the nearest Regional Office to file his/her application for registration and to affix his/her signature on the registry book.

In case registrant is located abroad, please find below the following requirements :
1. Take the professional’s oath before the Philippine Consul.
2. Special Power of Attorney notarized by the Consul.
3. Copy of passport page showing personal data.
4. Copy of passport page showing date of entry abroad.

Board Certificates shall be claimed at the Central Office or the Regional Office where the application for the same has been filed. Representatives must present Special Power of Attorney and appropriate identification papers.

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