18 August 2015

Philippine Nurse website news update

In life, we have different priorities, goals and aspirations. I made this website because I have a dream of helping a lot of people especially the nurses who are a big part of the society. I have recently migrated to a different country and I have been very busy with all the adjustments in living in an unfamiliar place. For this reason, I have neglected this website for quite some time.

In line with this, I am restructuring this website to include only nursing review materials. I have removed the exam results from PRC which is very tedious and time consuming for me to post. I will also post other nursing related topics and news from time to time. I will do my best to help nurses memorize, understand and pass their nursing exams by presenting topics in a fun and simple way.

Again, Thank you for your continued support and patronage and please continue to share our posts to friends, nurses and social media.   

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