03 September 2008


George RN (not his real name) was given an order to administer a medication (Paracetamol) to a patient. The Doctor ordered 5mL of the said medication in a 250mg/5mL preparation which is normally the stock dose. However, some hospitals allow the patients to buy their own medicine so the relatives of the patient bought the same medicine with a different stock at 100mg/mL. George prepared the medication but he did not read the label and the stock preparation. He followed the Doctor's order and he gave 5mL, not knowing that he has a total of 500mg already instead of the prescribed 250mg.

Prevention: Read the label, stock preparation and all the details contained in the packaging of the medication. Observe the 10 Rights of Drug Administration

Prevent Complication: Report this immediately so that proper treatment and drug antidotes may be given.

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