10 RIGHTS of drug administration

1. Right Drug

2. Right Patient

3. Right Dose

4. Right Route

5. Right Time & Frequency

6. Right Documentation

7. Right History and Assessment
(Complete patient drug/relevant history)

8. Drug approach and Right to Refuse

9. Right Drug-Drug Interaction and Evaluation
(drug-food incompatibilities/interaction)

10. Right Education and Information
(Teach pt about the drug he is taking)


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  2. thank 4 helping me out am a 1st year student in Ghana and i wanted to know about the rights of administrating a drug

  3. a description for each will be greatly appreciated as well...

  4. Thank you but an example of each would have been helpful; for example - drug approach

  5. having a website for nurses is very helpful for future nurses... thank you for sharing information

  6. your site is a big help. =) easy access to accomplish my homeworks. =)

  7. ., tnx foR shAring this kind of inFo .,

    ., i appreciated this a lot ! .,

  8. I find this site very informative for us new RN's here in the Phils...i will share this site to my friends who passed the June6-7, 2009 NLE...

    I really appreciate the work of the person behind this website...

    More Power and Mabuhay!!!!


  9. GOOD DAY!

    I was able to go over your review material for the NCLEX-RN EXAM... and I noticed that you have put only a phrase and page for the illustrations...

    May I know where I can possibly look for those illustrations?..

    Lastly, I would like to take you for making it as easy as possible to understood your review material...thanks a lot...don't forget to give me a reply regarding the illustrations so I can be able to learn more...


    NCLEX-RN Reviewee

  10. i am also looking for the seven right of drug administration

  11. i agreed to what they're requesting...explanation of these rights will be beneficial to all.I'm not a nurse and I'm doing a research about this rights which i read is already 11now...i need a more explanation on this so i can report it tomorrow ...is anyone there can help me?

  12. ahmm..are these 10 rights are the same rights used for pedia patients?

  13. many are still search for this rights,even RN:)tnx

  14. thanx alot 4 helpin me wit my asssignmen on d rihghts of drug administration

  15. tenks for the info!!!

  16. soon they will add number
    11. Right Drug Expiration


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