Anne Boykin and Sarvina O. Schoenhofer
Nursing As Caring Theory

Betty Neuman
Neuman Systems Model and Global Applications

Sister Callista Roy
The Roy Adaptation Model

Dorothea Orem
Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory

Dorothy Johnson
Behavioral System Model

Ernestine Wiedenbach
The Helping Art of Clinical Nursing

Faye Glenn Abdellah
Twenty-One Nursing Problems

Florence Nightingale
Environmental Adaptation Theory

Hildegard Peplau
Theory of Interpersonal Relations

Ida Jean Orlando
Theory of the Nursing Process Discipline

Imogene King
General System’s Framework
Theory of Goal Attainment

Jean Watson
Theory of Human Caring

Joyce Fitzpatrick
Life Perspective Rhythm Model

Joyce Travelbee
Human-To-Human Relationship Model

Kari Martinsen
Nursing Philosophy

Katharine Kolcaba
Theory of Comfort

Kristen Swanson
Program of Research on Caring

Logan Roper & Tierney
The Elements of Nursing:
A Model for Nursing Based on a Model of Living

Lydia Hall
Core, Care and Cure Model

Madeleine Leininger
Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality
Transcultural Nursing Model

Margaret Newman
Theory of Health as Expanding Consciousness

Marilyn Ray
Theory of Bureaucratic Caring

Martha Rogers
The Science of Unitary Human Beings

Myra Estrin Levine
The Conservation Model

Nola J. Pender
Health Promotion Model

Patricia Benner
Novice to Expert Model

Ramona T. Mercer
Maternal Role Attainment

Rosemarie Parse
Theory of Human Becoming

Tomlin Erickson & Swain
Modeling & Role-Modeling Theory

Virginia Henderson
Definition of Nursing


  1. what site can i best access J. Fitzpatrick's theory? how can i contact her? is she open to questions about her model?
    - (Masters in Nursing student)

  2. where can I find answers about Filipino nursing theorists?

  3. where can i find the nursing theory of Carmelita Divinagracia of the Phils.

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