23 February 2009

How To Find A Nursing Job - 8 Tips To Take Some Of The Headache Out Of Your Search

Do you have your nursing degree and are ready to take the medical industry by storm? Are you an experienced nurse looking for an exciting new challenge? Regardless of the level of your nursing experience, looking for a new job can be a time-consuming and frequently frustrating process. A big part of the job search process is knowing where to look for nursing positions.

The following tips and tricks are designed to take some of the headache out of your search, by giving you some guidelines on steps you can take to land your ideal nursing position.

1. Visit the recruiting departments of local hospitals, medical centers, and doctor’s offices to inquire about available positions. If there are no current vacancies, ask if you can submit your resume to remain on file should future openings match what you are seeking.

2. Contact recruitment and contract employment agencies. Aligning yourself with a recruiter can give you access to jobs that are often not advertised to the public. The great thing about recruiting agencies is that allow you to “apply” for positions at multiple companies simultaneously with a single resume submittal, since most recruiters will shop your resume around to all of the available openings.

3. Use the internet to your advantage. Searching for “nurse” or “nursing” on major job boards such as and will unearth hundreds of available openings – just be aware that competition for these positions is stiff since hundreds of other nurses are looking at and applying for the exact same jobs.

4. Don’t be adverse to accepting a contract or “training” position. This are often a great way to get you foot in the door in the medical profession. It also gives you a chance to evaluate an organization and department to ensure it is a match before fully committing yourself to a long-term full-time position.

5. Colleges and universities that offer nursing degrees often have a database of available positions in the school’s Career Center. Career Center advisors are also excellent sources of information on how to network in the industry and get your foot in the door. Many schools limit Career Center resource access to current students or alumni, though, so you may be limited to your Alma Matar. 

6. Network, network, network! Let friends, family, and casual acquaintances know that you are on the market for a new position. Since most companies are much more willing to interview (and potentially hire) candidates who have already been vouched for, it’s important to get the word out that you are available and seeking a new opportunity.

7. Don’t forgot to investigate often-overlooked nursing avenues such as:

o School nurses (contact the local School Board for openings)
o Health Department Openings (both local/county and state offices)
o Health insurance companies
o Assisted living facilities and retirement homes
o Universities and colleges seeking teachers for nursing school programs
o Mentorship programs
o Traveling nurse programs that place you on short assignments at different locations around the country

8. Searching nursing-specific job boards for available opportunities is a great way to target only those jobs that require your degree and background. For example, internet sites and offer free access to a wide range of nursing positions nationwide. There are many other excellent on-line resources for nursing job information.

About the Author: Laura Adams is a qualified careers advisor with 11 years experience. Nurses Jobs Information - Resources, News, Tips and Views to help Nurses find their dream jobs.

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