04 July 2009

Dengue Prevention

Many people say that prevention is better than cure, so here are some tips on how to prevent dengue, a disease which is more fatal than the dreaded A (H1N1), the virus that causes swine flu.

1. Always maintain a good hygiene and a clean environment. Dispose your garbage in proper containers.
2. Remove stagnant water from different objects where mosquitoes can lay their eggs, these may be flower vases, bottles of soft drinks, car tires and other water containers.
3. Cover or overturn objects which may accumulate water during rainy days.
4. Protect yourself from mosquito bites, use mosquito nets and other insect repellents.
5. If you are going on an outdoor camping, hiking or other activities that involves going to places like mountains, forests, rivers and the likes, you can ask your care provider to prescribe preventive medications.
6. Inform your friends and neighbors about ways on how to prevent dengue and participate in the clean-up activities in your community.

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