31 January 2011

Nursing Review Centers in the Philippines

Nursing Review Centers in the Philippines

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  1. Bakit wala ang Nightingale Educational Review Center Inc.?

  2. Here's the website of Nightingale Educational Reveiew Center

  3. Will United States Hire Nurses Again? What Should I do Now?

    You joined to the jobless nurse pool? United States Senate still has not approved any favorable law to bring more nurses in. The Philippines has nurse oversupply. What will you do now?

    Option1: Do nothing wait until a favorable law passes and once it passes then take the NCLEX-RN exam.
    Option 2: Apply to NCLEX-RN now, pass the exam and even become a US Licensed Nurse (US Registered Nurse USRN) before you go the States.

    If you choose the first option your chances to get hired during that next hiring spree is very minimal because to apply and become eligible to take NCLEX-RN exam may take months even up to 9-12 months sometimes based on what state you are applying. You need to go through credential evaluation phase, criminal background check, eligibility, registration and finally scheduling phase and in the mean time review for NCLEX. Once you pass the exam you become a READY TO HIRE NURSE OR READY TO PETITION NURSE which US Employers will be looking for. Adding a 2 years plus experience to that may increase your changes even more.

    If you don’t take action now by the time the next hiring spree hits the Philippines it will be too late for you. Ready to hire ones will be hired and the doors closed again for another several months or years. This is how it has been so far.

    If you want to take the second option we are here to help. We have assisted more than 10,000 nurses to become USRNs before they arrived to the U.S. We can help you too. We can assist with any state you want to apply and if you don’t have any particular state in mind we can guide you to choose the best one for you. Many states does not require Philippine local license so basically you can start applying NCLEX now without passing Philippine local license. For more information please email us at or call us 02-734-1426 or visit us at and sign up to our website. NEAC assist nurses for applying NCLEX-RN/PN to any 50 states.

  4. do you have a copy of ratings for all the review center last December NLE?

  5. readers! especially aspiring RNs!:) I just want to share what I personally witnessed today, at the Ray Gapuz Review Center in Ever-Gotesco branch. I seriously do not recommend this review center to anyone. Ugh, not anymore, after what happened today! We were on the middle of the lecture with Mr. Noel Heherson Vea Laciste, when out of the blue, he suddenly blurted out: "class wag kayo titingin sa labas pero pansinin nyo yung lalake na naka orange shirt." There was a loud hooting after he said that since the guy in orange was as gym-fit as he could possibly be. A not uncommon sight for us reviewees because the guy would wait outside for our co-reviewee. The class thought Mr. Laciste, the reviewer, just admire the bod of the guy in orange... BUT... afters the hooting subsided, Mr. Laciste warned the whole class not to leave our valuables inside the classroom whenever we go out on breaks because he "feels something awful" and also reminded a RAGC staff to never let the doors open, and that there should always be a staff on the look out whenever it is breaktime. I could tell the girl, whom we have always seen with the guy in orange were all flushed and was already embarrassed by the nonchalant character maligning of Heherson Laciste to her husband (as we would learn later), mistaking her husband as a ghetto character of some sort. Before Laciste declared lunchbreak, he again reminded us not to leave our valuables unattended cuz he has a negative gut-feeling. I don't know what transpired in 5 minutes or so because the next thing I know, the guy in orange barged inside the classroom, and confronted Mr. Laciste, all fuming mad, talking in a very strong american accent. Turns out, the guy in orange is a fil-am living in California, having his 6-weeks vacation in Manila, and accompanying his wife to her review for the boards. And overhearing what the wife of the fil-am said to her seatmate (they are just a row infront of me), she's just taking a comprehensive review in preparation for her HAAD exam, she didn't take the HAAD RN review but chose the NLE review because of the longer prep time of the latter. The wife hoping she can pass the HAAD so she can start processing her work visa to USA from the UAE instead of the Philippines since she want to work immediately upon landing on US soil than relying on family-based petition which could take up years before the immigrant is allowed to work. Wow! I learned a lot today. Not technical-wise but character-wise.

    Just my 2-cents worth, never ever malign somebody you have not really gotten in touch with, spoken to, nor even brush shoulders with. Lest, character defamation coming from a Registered Nurse which should pose as a role model, to the aspiring nurses and fellows alike. And I think, by Mr. Laciste's behavior, we, filipinos tend to judge our own race, in the end, we can't blame other races bringing down people of our own color, too.


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