Preparation & Administration of Drugs


1. Verify Doctor's order

2. Know the patient's condition

3. Be alert for allergies

4. Know the purpose & therapeutic effects of each drug ordered.

5. Standard abbreviations & symbols commonly used; familiarize oneself.

6. Know your hospital's policy about verbal and telephone orders.

7. Observe 10 Rights of Drug Administration.

8. Clarify orders which are clear and make sure you understand everything.

9. Verify if drug will be omitted or delayed; if there’s an operation that should be done Pre op meds

10. Never give meds that shows changes or deterioration.

11. Report errors in med administration immediately to the charge nurse.

12. Nurse who preps the meds must be responsible for administering & recording it. NEVER ENDORSE it to another Nurse

13. Observe Asepsis

14. Concentrate when preparing meds

15. Always use the Med card for each medication administered

16. Check computation for dosage b4 preparing meds

17. Notify the charge nurse immediately for any drug that cannot be given or to be taken by the patient

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